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Blue Creek

Tag flat silver tinsel and purple glow floss
Tail purple crest and kingfisher
Body blue flat braid and FL. purple seal
Ribs blue flat braid

Body hackle FL purple goose
Throat blue genuia
Wing Blue badger neck

Start thread and tie in flat tinsel

Wrap tinsel down and back and tie off

Wrap floss down and back. Leave part of the tinsel exposed for a tip

Add crest and kingfisher for the tail

Wrap forward 1/3 from tail and tie in flat braid and wrap down and back.

Tie in rib and body hackle

Dubb on the seal

Add 4 ribs

Follow the ribs with the body hackle

Add the throat

Add wing tie it on trim and finnish the head

Thanks Rocky

A great fish cought on the JD on a fly i tied Thanks for the pic. Shelly

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No Name

Tie in the Gut, Build the underbody with UTC 140 white thread, Change thread to UTC 70 where the tail should be, wrap down the body and tie in tag wrap 5 wraps of tinsel tie out trim and tie in the rib for the tag and wrap you thread back to the beginning spot.

Tie in silk for tag, wrap down and back, tie out, wrap rib over tag tie out.

Tie in GP crest as tail and Kingfisher veiling to veil the tail.

Make butt with ostrich herl, tie out

Tie three ribs (Small oval, varigated flat gold, small oval) wrap forward to 2/3 of the body tie in silk wrap down and back tie out and rib it tie out.

Tie in Jungle Cock as the body veiling along the side of the body.

Tie in the Center wings along top and bottom.

Tie in second butt of ostrich herl.

Wrap forward to the front of the hook tie in the Gold varigated Flat tinsel wrap down and back tie out.

Tie in front wings top and bottom

Tie in Jungle Cock sub wings top and bottom.

Tie in Kingfisher Cheeks, tie in GP Crest top and bottom tie out finish head and whip finish.

Thanks for looking

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June Fly Give Away

The month of June if you spend $25.00 or more per order at Steelhead Junkies your name will go in for a drawing for 5 feather wing spey flies. Each time you make an order of $25.00 or more you will get a chance to win these flies.

The following pictures on the 5 flies you might get to add to your fly box.

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Pink Flamingo

A summer hairwing

Tag silver oval
Tail orange GP crest

Body First 1/4 hot pink bubbing second 3/4 purple dubbing
Rib silver oval
Body hackle dyed hot pink silver badger saddle take to extra turns at the throat
Wing white polar bear
Cheeks Jungle cock
Topping orange GP crest

1 Start thread and wrap back to point of the hook

Tie in tinsle and make tag

Tie in tail

Tie in ostrch hurl and wrap to make butt

Dubb first 1/4 of the body

Tie in the ribb and body hackle

Dubb the rest of the body

Ribb the body

Rap the body hackle tight behind the rib

Tie in the wing. Trim and cover the exposed butt ends with thin head cement

Tie in jungle cock cheeks

Tie on the topping crest

Finnish head and aply head cement

Now go swing some fly’s

Thanks Rocky

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Pink Badger Featherwing

Tag – Red Halographic Tinsel
Tail – Golden Pheasant Crest
Butt – Black Ostrich
Body – 1st Half – Red Brassie Wire
2nd Half – Fuschia Seal Dubbing
Rib – Red Halographic Tinsel over seal dubbing
Body Hackle – start at seal dubbing – Purple tip Fuschia Maribou
Thoart – Teal
Wing – Dyed Hot pink badger neck

1) Build under body as shown in previous step by steps – UTC 140. Then tie in black UTC 70 where you want the tail and butt to be.

2) Tie in tinsel and wrap down and back to create tag. Then coat throughly with thinned down head cement and let dry.

3) Tie in tail.

4) Tie in ostrich herl and make butt and tie in red brassie wire for 1st half of body.

5) Wrap wire to create body.

6) Tie in rib and body hackle.

7) Dub 2nd half of body.

8) Wrap rib four turns. And then tightly behind rib wrap body hackle and take one extra turn at end.

9) Tie in teal for thoart strip one side and take one turn.

10) Select for neck hackles for the wing, then mount and finish head.

Thanks for looking!!!!

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Blue Flame

Playing with some new feathers. I like the looks of this fly and I would fish it with confidence

Hook AJ 1.5 Silver
Tip Silver Oval X small
Tag Purple floss
Tail Purple GP Crest with Purple GP Tippet
Butt Black Ostrich hurl
Rib Med. Silver oval
Body first 2/3 Lt. Claret floss remander Lt. Claret dubbing
Body hackle Lt. Claret GP Flank
Throat Teal
Wing 4 Blue Flame Funky Feathers [ from John Mclain ]
Topping Purple GP Crest

Start thread and wrap to just beond the hook point

Tie in tip and take 4 wraps. Then move thread forward to were you wont the tail. Then tie in floss for the tag. Then wrap floss down to the tip and back and tie off.

Tie in the tail

Tie in the tail vailing [ my spelling sucks ]

Tie in the hurl and make the butt

Now I tie in the ribb. Then I wrap forward to were I wont my silk to start. Then I wrap back and forth to tapper the under body

Now tie in silk and wrap it down and back

Now tie in the body hackle

Now dubb the frount of the body

Wrap the ribbs forward 5 wraps

Wrap the body hackle fallowing the ribbs

Tie in the throat and wrap. [ I strip 1 side and take 2 wraps ]

Slect 4 feathers for the wing and tie it in

Tie in the topping or crest over the wing

Finnish the head and go fishing

Thanks for looking. And don’t be afraid to leve some feedback on what you think of my site.

Hope to get some new product up on the site in the next couple of days

Thanks again Rocky always a JUNKIE

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New products

Will be adding new tube fly Tying Products In the next few days.
Along with new Hairs, Feathers, Rods Reels, Lines, and Boxes In the proses of becoming a sponsor on the spey pages.
So please come back and check out the new stuff


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Frank G. Swarner III

I started fishing at a young age with worms and bobbers when my father would take me to a local lake. We caught various panfish and bass and had a great time. When I got a little older, I was able to tag along with my dad and his brothers and fish for stocked Trout on local streams. At that time the only way to get rubber hip waders to fit me was by wearing sneakers inside them. It didn’t matter to me as long as I was able to go fishing.
Before I hit my teens, my father gave me my first fly rod which was actually his at one point. It was an old Cortland rod with an automatic fly reel. I liked it, but I could catch more with a spinning rod during early spring, so the fly rod didn’t hit the water until the few and far between hatches would start. When Dad was catching more than me, it was time to switch tactics.

At about 9 years old, I started tying flies since I thought it was cool to catch something on a fly my Dad tied, so I had to try and tie my own. I still remember the first time I tried to tie a fly, using the Knoll fly tying book with paintings of various flies. I showed my father that night, he went through his materials and gave me furs, feathers, some synthetics, hooks, along with other odds and ends such as tools. All of which fit nicely in and old cardboard ski boot box. A TV dinner tray was my fly tying station for quite a few years.
During that period my fly tying consisted of mostly trout flies with a few flies tied for fishing in local ponds and lakes. I’d look at flies in my father’s fly boxes, his book collection, purchased flies, or find one in a catalog and try to re-create it for my use. When I had some finished I would show Dad and he would tell me what looked good and what I needed to improve upon. As most of you know, proportions were the toughest part, along with using too much material and too many thread wraps.

Spring fishing trips to Pine Creek (Slate Run, PA) were what I lived for when I didn’t have a soccer game on the weekend. The local streams were nice, but they weren’t as big as Pine Creek and they sure didn’t have the hatches either. Hendrickson’s, Blue Quills, March Browns, Grey Foxes, Isonychia’s, Green and Brown Drakes, and many others allowed me to explore fly patterns which represented the different stages of their lives. It was also fun to try out different materials on various hook shapes and styles.
Over the years fly tying became easier, less frustrating, not as much constructive criticism from Dad, and I was catching more Trout on the fly. One major thing that I did learn during those years, and it didn’t have to do with fly tying, was that if the Trout didn’t know I was present, I had a much better chance of success with less than perfect flies. I still believe that to be true today and tell that to all new fly tyers.

In November 1992 myself, my father and a few buddies, headed to Maxwell Creek located in New York. My father and his buddies had been fishing the Salmon River (NY) and other Lake Ontario tributaries for quite a few years, but this would be my first trip targeting lake run Brown Trout, Steelhead, and Coho Salmon. We hooked plenty of Brown Trout and Coho Salmon, but only two Steelhead. Luckily I happened to be one of the guys who landed one. It wasn’t huge but it was my first one and I still remember it smashing the egg sucking leech like it was yesterday.

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Black Wonder Wabbit

A simple tube fly that works in many color combos

Tube spey co. pippet
Bead spey co. disk small

Tail black rabbit
Body cross cut black rabbit
Ribs Blue and Purple flash
Collar light blue artic fox tail
2 collar black schlappen
3 collar blue schlappen

1 Atatch bead and melt the front

Cut tube to leanth and put into vise. Then start thread and tie on the tail. I used a 11/2 in tail

Next i tie in cross cut rabbit and then i make a dubbing loop at the tail head

Then i load the flash in the dubbing loop and twist it up

Wrap cross cut rabbit forward to creat the body

Now wrap the loop of flash forward to creat the ribs

Now make a dubbing lopp and load with fox tail. Then wrap it to creat a collar

Take your first color of schlappen and take 2 wraps

Take your second color of schlappen and make 4 wraps and finnish the head

Allways a JUNKIE

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