Blue Flame

Playing with some new feathers. I like the looks of this fly and I would fish it with confidence

Hook AJ 1.5 Silver
Tip Silver Oval X small
Tag Purple floss
Tail Purple GP Crest with Purple GP Tippet
Butt Black Ostrich hurl
Rib Med. Silver oval
Body first 2/3 Lt. Claret floss remander Lt. Claret dubbing
Body hackle Lt. Claret GP Flank
Throat Teal
Wing 4 Blue Flame Funky Feathers [ from John Mclain ]
Topping Purple GP Crest

Start thread and wrap to just beond the hook point

Tie in tip and take 4 wraps. Then move thread forward to were you wont the tail. Then tie in floss for the tag. Then wrap floss down to the tip and back and tie off.

Tie in the tail

Tie in the tail vailing [ my spelling sucks ]

Tie in the hurl and make the butt

Now I tie in the ribb. Then I wrap forward to were I wont my silk to start. Then I wrap back and forth to tapper the under body

Now tie in silk and wrap it down and back

Now tie in the body hackle

Now dubb the frount of the body

Wrap the ribbs forward 5 wraps

Wrap the body hackle fallowing the ribbs

Tie in the throat and wrap. [ I strip 1 side and take 2 wraps ]

Slect 4 feathers for the wing and tie it in

Tie in the topping or crest over the wing

Finnish the head and go fishing

Thanks for looking. And don’t be afraid to leve some feedback on what you think of my site.

Hope to get some new product up on the site in the next couple of days

Thanks again Rocky always a JUNKIE

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  1. mike nutto says:

    love the wing on this one

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